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World Book Day Competition

Situated in the heart of Hampton College and accessible from the central courtyard, the Library is a welcoming, safe and comfortable environment for users to study, read and think.

The Library is open throughout the day from 8.30am to 3.40pm Monday to Friday.

The Library is managed by Mrs Fletcher. She is supported at break and lunchtime by an enthusiastic team of Student Library Assistants.


What is available

The Library offers a calm environment in which to read and study and provides a gateway to a wealth of resources.

It aims to promote reading for pleasure by offering extensive fiction and non-fiction collections.

The fiction collection includes the latest and award winning books aimed at students of all levels and ages.  Students are encouraged to recommend titles to add to the collection, which they frequently do.  Competitions are held regularly in association with events such as World Book Day.  Students are encouraged to participate in Readathon, an annual sponsored reading event for charity.

The non-fiction collection provides a range of resources to support the curriculum and associated project work.  These resources, together with topical displays around the Library also encourage students to develop a wider curiosity for knowledge in general.

A wide selection of magazines and journals appeal to all year groups, along with a weekly newspapers such as The Week Junior, to encourage an interest in current affairs.

Current reference resources are also available, together with a Careers Library.

DVDs and audio books are available, as well as computers and laptops.

Students have access to the Library catalogue, Reading Cloud, from inside and outside school. 

Accessing the Reading Cloud:

Students can access the Reading Cloud at Hampton College by clicking on the icon from their Hampton College Student Homepage.


Or it can accessed from home or school via this LINK. This will then load the home screen.

Click on Login at the top right and then enter the 5 digit number received as User Name [xxxxx]  and date of birth [as 8 consecutive digits] as Password.  Under the School option type in the name of the school and select it from the list. Then click OK to login.

The catalogue is also accessible using the Reading Cloud App which is available from Google Play or the App Store, just locate “iMLS Student”, then the login and passwords are the same as their main desktop login details.

***If you don’t know what your 5 digit number is please ask or send an email to Mrs Fletcher.


All students are automatically registered as a member of the Library from the time they enrol.  All Year 7 students receive a Library Induction during an English lesson, within the first few weeks of Autumn Term.  This takes the form of a short talk about the Library and how it functions, followed by a treasure hunt to find various resources around the room to encourage familiarity of layout.

The Library is open to all students after school until 3.405pm Monday to Friday.  Students are able to use the resources, including computers to complete homework, read and exchange items.  Mrs Fletcher is available to assist students in their research and to give recommendations on excellent books to read.

What kind of resources will I find in the Library?

  • Fiction Books (Stories)
  • Non-Fiction Books (Facts)
  • Magazines and Periodicals
  • DVD's and Audio Books
  • Computers / Laptops

How many items can I borrow?

You may borrow up to four items altogether, however no more than one DVD and one magazine at a time.

How long can I keep my borrowed items?

Books are issued for three weeks and the date for return is stamped inside.  DVD's/ / Audio books are issued for one week and magazines / periodicals are issued for two days.

You will notice that some of the books in the Library are marked FOR REFERENCE ONLY - these items can only be used in the Library and cannot be taken out.

What happens if I forgot to bring my borrowed items back?

Reminders are sent to your form tutors every week, if you still forget to return overdue items, you will be unable to borrow anymore items until all of your overdue items are returned.

What happens if I lose or damage an item I have borrowed?

Please speak to Mrs Fletcher to explain what's happened.  It is possible that the full cost to replace any lost or severely damaged item will be asked for.

Can I request items not on the shelves?

Yes, just fill in a request slip which you can get from the Library desk.

How are fiction books arranged on the shelves?

All fiction books (stories) are sorted in alphabetical order according to the author's surname.  We also sort the fiction books into four levels according to the difficulty and content of each book, these are colour-coded, as follows:

  • General Fiction (yellow labels) - may be borrowed by anyone
  • Teen Fiction (green labels) – slightly harder books but they may be borrowed by anyone.
  • Young Adult Fiction (blue labels) – we recommend you start reading these books when you are in Year 10, but strong readers may borrow them even if they are not in Year 10 yet.
  • Adult Fiction (red labels) - may be borrowed by Year 12 students and above

How are non-fiction books arranged?

All non-fiction (facts) books are sorted according to their topic in numerical order, this type of system is called Dewey Decimal System.  Each shelf is clearly labelled, showing which topics are on the shelf.

What if I can't find the DVD / book I want?

Please ask Mrs Fletcher or one of the Library Assistants for help.

Can I use the Library during Break and Lunchtime?

The Library is open during break for reading and exchanging of items.  During lunch, the Library is open for reading, homework and for computer use.

Is the Library open after School for Students?

Yes, Monday to Friday until 3.40pm. You may use the Library after school if you have your planner signed by a parent/carer.

What are the Library Opening Times?

Monday to Friday 8.30am to 3.40pm


Contact Details:

Librarian: Mrs F Fletcher

Hampton College Library

Eagle Way



Telephone: 01733 246820