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Useful websites

Useful websites

Students may find the following sites useful in helping them to make choices and find out relevant information. Click on the logos below to be redirected to each website.

A really well presented website run by a careers charity. It is one of the best websites available for people wishing to find out more about a potential career. It contains career videos, job information and articles.
Plotr is a site which is excellent for people who are trying to work out what career they would like in the future. It consists of a Career Matching Game which suggests jobs to people based on their personality, skills and interests. The site also contains cartoon based interactive career worlds.
A website designed to help school leavers get jobs and understand the career paths available to them. Here you'll find everything from current apprenticeships and school leaver programme opportunities to the latest school leaver job news and advice to help you on your career journey.
The essential springboard into the job market for students, graduates and school leavers. This site has a careers test which may give you ideas about a potential career path.
Excellent advice on how to enter the legal profession, including details of holiday work experience schemes.
Specialises in providing advice to those students wishing to embark on a finance career.