Student Success - Jessica Moorfoot

Student Success - Jessica Moorfoot

10 October 2017

One of our Year 9 students, Jessica Moorfoot, recently participated in trials for the East Midlands Girls U15s Rugby Football team. Jessica performed extremely well on the day and she has successfully been selected to be part of the team! This is a fantastic achievement for her, as she has only been playing for the last year.

As a College, we have been actively co-ordinating girls’ rugby participation sessions and this has occurred as a result of Jessica and another Year 9 student, Vitoria Silva Seide raising the possibility of the College organising such sessions for our female students.

Jessica is a true ambassador for girls in sport. She has shown that through hard work and commitment, you can achieve anything you want, regardless of gender.

Many congratulations to Jessica. The College and her family are extremely proud of her achievements.

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