New Catering Contract

New Catering Contract

17 December 2015

We are delighted to announce that Cucina have been appointed as our new Catering providers from January 2016. Cucina have a unique and exciting approach to catering in school and will offer an extensive choice of food all made from scratch onsite every day.

Please find attached the new menus and an introduction Newsletter from Cucina.


There will be no significant change to the way payment is made and we will continue to offer the same Cashless Catering system and accept Online Payments through Wisepay. However, the Cashless Catering system will now be operated by Cucina and therefore there are a small number of changes:

· A new Daily Spend Limit of £8 will be applied to all student accounts (this can be reduced upon the request of parent/carer by emailing

· Online payments are encouraged, but cash can still be loaded using the Cash Loaders located in school.

· Cheques will also be accepted but they should be made payable to ‘Cucina Restaurants Ltd’ and must be for school meals only (payments for trips and school run activities must be made separately as these will be payable directly to the College).

Free School Meals

Cucina provide a varied and broad offering and are keen to provide a healthy, balanced meal for all students entitled to a Free School Meal. Their approach is to offer all those entitled to a Free School Meal the choice of any two items on the menu regardless of the cost even if this does exceed the daily Free School Meal allocation. There are some restrictions to this offer to ensure that students have a healthy meal, for example they will not be able to have two cakes. Students will also be able to purchase the Meal Deals available daily using their allowance.

The purpose of the Free School Meal allocation is to provide a healthy balanced meal but we do know that some of our students choose to purchase their lunch at Break Time (for example when they have a lunchtime club). We are therefore proposing that the Free School Meal offering of any two items can be used at Break or Lunchtime.

If students choose to buy additional items using their own money, they will still be able to do so and can either purchase these items in a separate transaction or if three items or more are chosen the most expensive two will be covered by their Free School Meal allocation and the cheapest item(s) will be charged to the students account. We will, however, no longer be providing a Free School Meal allocation to be used across Break and Lunch; two items must be chosen together.

We will also talk to students in school to ensure that they understand the changes prior to the new system being implemented.

Report a safeguarding concern

If you have safeguarding concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our team via email. Your input is crucial in maintaining a safe and supportive school environment.