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Key Stage 4 PPE Examinations for Maths and English

Key Stage 4 PPE Examinations for Maths and English

13 February 2017

All year 11 pupils will be sitting their PPE Examinations in Maths and English on our return from the Half term break. These examinations consists of either a Maths or English paper daily. Each paper will last approximately two hours. Below is the schedule of these exams.




Exam Times




L3 & L4

11.25 - 13.25

Maths Paper 1



L1 & L2

08.45 - 10.50

English Paper 1



L3 & L4

11.25 - 13.25

Maths paper 2



L1 & L2

08.45 - 10.50

English Paper 2



L1 & L2

08.45 - 10.50

Maths Paper 3

Students have already been given their personalised timetable with their exam rooms and seat numbers on so they know where to report. They should report to their exam room 5 minutes before the exam start time to ensure they are seated promptly. For Maths exams please ensure they have their Maths equipment including a calculator please.

These exams are a final chance for us to assess their progress and for Maths to make sure the tier of entry is correct for the summer 2017 external exams.

These exams will be followed up with some option subject PPE’s at the end of March just before the Easter break and a timetable for those will be forwarded in due course.