Geography Trip to Cambridge

Geography Trip to Cambridge

22 March 2024

On Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th March, the Y10 Geographers went to Cambridge for the first of their 2 days of GCSE fieldwork.

Although students no longer have coursework to complete for the GCSE, they still need the experience of collecting data in the field, as well as being able to understand how to display and analyse the information they collected, and draw conclusions to their work. This is vital for the Paper 3 exam in the summer of Y11.

We were studying the theme of “Urban Regeneration”, so were comparing different areas of central Cambridge. Students collected lots of information during the day, like Environmental Quality Surveys, Footfall surveys and Questionnaires. They also examined the type and range of shops in each location.

Collecting this data provided students with information to help examine whether the areas were “successful” and pleasant to be in, which would therefore help them to understand if the areas needed to be changed (regenerated) or whether the students felt that change wasn’t necessary.

The data we collected will be used in class to display and analyse results, to compare the different streets in Cambridge. This will enable students to understand the process of assessing the information collected and will help them to draw conclusions to their work.

We will be doing a second day of fieldwork later on, where we will travel to the Norfolk coastline to look at coastal erosion and defences around Hunstanton.

The students were a real credit to the college, working maturely and sensibly throughout the 2 days, and were cooperative at working in small groups in order to get the information collected efficiently.

Thanks to Mrs Warner, Mrs Henson, Ms Shipp, Ms Cumic, Mr Tee, Ms Baron and Miss Hastings who supported the trips over the 2 days, as well as Mrs Mayo and Mrs Frew who did an amazing job of arranging and organising what was a very successful trip.

Mr Boughton, Head of Geography

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