GCSE Result Collection Arrangements

GCSE Result Collection Arrangements

8 August 2021

Year 11 Results Day, Thursday 12 August 2021

All students will enter school through the main school gate and walk round to the Dining Hall. Students will be expected to sanitise their hands as they enter the school.

Having collected their results, students will have an opportunity to confirm their post 16 choices in the library with the sixth form team, to receive some guidance and support or to make an appointment to discuss their next steps in more detail. Student will then leave via the courtyard and main reception.

Results can be collected at the following times:

Surname A-B 8.30am
Surname C-F 8.45am
Surname G-K 9.00am
Surname L-M 9.15am
Surname O-P 9.30am
Surname R-S 9.45am
Surname T-Z 10:00am

Results can be collected until 11.00am. After this time, you will need to make an appointment to come in and collect them from Reception.

Report a safeguarding concern

If you have safeguarding concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our team via email. Your input is crucial in maintaining a safe and supportive school environment.