Children in Need 2017 - 17 November

Children in Need 2017 - 17 November

13 November 2017

This Friday is Children in Need and we, traditionally, have a non-uniform day to support this or other similar charities. In return for paying £1.00, students are able to wear their own choice of appropriate clothing instead of school uniform.

This year, most of the money raised will be used to pay to send ‘Books to Africa’. This is an initiative where we can send all of our outdated texts books, sports equipment, DVDs etc. to Africa as a charitable act. This is particularly pertinent this year as there have been significant syllabus changes at both GCSE and A level. Boxes are provided by the charity, we fill these and pay £7.00 to send the box. We are hoping to send 100 boxes, at a cost of £700. Any money left will be donated directly to Children in Need.

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