Stretch & Challenge

Hampton College is committed to supporting all students. At Hampton College we promise to consistently provide excellent provision for students who are recognised as 'More Able and Talented' in the school. Hampton College seeks to create an inclusive ethos where high achievement for all is expected, valued and celebrated.

The term 'More Able and Talented' describes students who are more able in subjects across the curriculum, including those who show a particular talent in one or more specific area, whether that be sporting, creative of socially. All students have individual needs and at Hampton College we are committed to raising attainment and levels of progress for all, therefore these learners require opportunities for extended provision and enrichment that go beyond the support provided for the general cohort of learners.

More Able and Talented students are identified through a clear rationale at Hampton College that is informed by KS2 and KS4 data, termly data and subject specific criteria to allow teachers to make judgments that are accurate.

Nearly all schools, whose provision for the MA&T is 'good', use the NACE quality standards effectively to support their work. We have been members of the NACE community since October 2014. The NACE framework is utilised effectively to assist the school in developing high quality provision and to audit current provision in a structured and systematic manner.

MA&T students are supported through a range of additional provision and their progress tracked and monitored carefully. Where necessary, intervention is provided at different levels and stages through personalised monitoring and individual development plans. Additionally, Hampton College promotes a range of activities and enrichment events specifically for the More Able, but they are open to everyone to encourage and inspire, raising the attainment of all students. This academic year, just some of our enrichment activities and successes have included bakery masterclasses, drama and arts festivals, sports festivals (including MAT sports event supported by retired Paralympian swimmer Fran Williamson), science conferences, the Cambridgeshire Fellowship Film Festival and Entrepreneurship Week.

Hampton College employs strategies to listen to the views of the More Able and Talented, including what helps them to learn, personal aspirations and barriers to achievement. Student feedback demonstrates high ambition and positive attitudes to learning in the school.

Parents, carers and students can register with local and national organisations that provide help and advice for the More Able:

Excellence East

National Association for Gifted Children

Raising Lifelong Learners

At Hampton College we believe that ability and potential are not fixed and that every student has something unique and individual to offer.