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KS3 German

Year 8 German / First Year of German

During this year students will follow the echo express scheme of work which covers the basics of the language but at a faster pace, in order to make rapid progress in the second language.

If studied as a first foreign language in Year 7, students will spend more time on each module in order to consolidate the new vocabulary and grammatical concepts.

Term 1 Part 1

Topic: Introductions

  • Introducing yourself.
  • Saying how old you are.
  • Asking where someone lives and saying where you live. Countries.
  • The German alphabet.
  • Asking how something is spelt.
  • Saying what colour something is.
  • Describing what you have in your school bag. Asking for an item.
  • Asking when someone’s birthday is and saying when your birthday is.
  • Months and dates.

Term 1 Part 2

Topic: School

  • Opinions of school subjects.
  • Days of the week.
  • Asking and telling the time.
  • Describing your timetable.
  • Describing what you and others eat and drink at break time.
  • Buying food in a snack bar.
  • Items of clothing.

School uniform + opinions

Term 2 Part 1

Topic: Family

  • Asking and saying how many brothers and sisters you have.
  • Asking and giving details about family members.
  • Numbers up to 100.
  • Describing what you and others look like.
  • Describing personality.
  • Pets
  • Describing pets.
  • Understanding and writing a longer e-mail.

Term 2 Part 2

Topic: Hobbies

  • Asking and talking about sport. Giving opinions.
  • Talking about your hobbies.
  • Asking and saying about favourite things.
  • Asking and saying how often you do an activity.
  • Understanding and writing a letter.
  • Arranging when to go out and when to meet.
  • Accepting or declining and invitation.
  • Talking about an adventure sports centre.
  • Saying what you like to do.
  • Talking about future plans.

Term 3 Part 1

Topic: House and Home

  • Types of houses.
  • Giving addresses and telephone numbers.
  • Rooms in a house.
  • Describing your house.
  • Saying what you do in each room.
  • Items of bedroom furniture.
  • Describing your bedroom.
  • Prepositions.
  • Opinions of your room.
  • Describing how your room used to be and is now.

Term 3 Part 2

Topic: Town

  • Asking where a town or city is. Points of the compass.
  • Describing your town and what you can do there.
  • Places in a town.
  • Transport and travel.
  • Seasons.
  • Asking for and giving directions.
  • Buying food and drink at a snack bar.
  • Asking and talking about your plans for the summer holidays.

Year 9 / Second Year of German

During this academic year students study the following topics:

Term 1 Part 1

Topic: Holidays

  • Revise basic questions.
  • Asking and saying what you did in the summer.
  • Asking and saying where you were in the summer. Countries.
  • Asking and saying how long you were there for.
  • Asking and giving opinions about your holiday.
  • Asking about and describing the weather.
  • Saying where you stayed.
  • Asking and saying what you did.
  • Saying what you did at the weekend.
  • Describing a winter holiday

Term 1 Part 2

Topic: Food and Drink

  • Buying fruit and vegetables.
  • Ordering in a café.
  • Asking and saying what you can buy in different shops.
  • Talking about pocket money.
  • Saying what shops someone went to and what they bought.

Term 2 Part 1

Topic: Media

  • Talking about different types of film.
  • Telling the time using the 12-hour clock.
  • Saying what you and your friends do after school.
  • Understanding an interview with a young sportsperson.
  • Saying what you have to do.
  • Talking about an after school trip.
  • Reading for gist and detail. Changing pronouns in the perfect tense.

Term 2 Part 2

Topic: Health

  • Naming parts of the body.
  • Saying what’s the matter.
  • Describing symptoms and giving and understanding advice from the doctor.
  • Talking about eating habits.
  • Describing your attitude to sport using 3 tenses.

Term 3 Part 1

Topic: Going Out

  • Accepting and turning down invitations.
  • Talking about what you will wear using the future tense.
  • Talking about a party you have been to. Using ihr (you).
  • Talking about your daily routine.
  • Talking about problems. Understanding Ich hatte.

Term 3 Part 2

Topic: An Exchange

  • Saying what you want to do.
  • Learning about a German city.
  • Writing about a shopping trip in the perfect tense using sie (they).
  • Reading a longer text about a school trip.
  • Reading and listening for information about the past, present and future.
  • Playing a game in German.
  • Talking about the past, present and future.
  • Giving information about a town or village.