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Year 7 French

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Module 1 Vocabulary Module 2 Vocabulary Module 3 Vocabulary Module 4 Vocabulary Module 5 Vocabulary Module 6 Vocabulary

Meeting people

Talking about brothers and sisters Talking about where people live Places in a town Morning routines Sports and games
School objects and alphabet Talking about your family Describing your home Asking for directions School subjects Musical instruments

Counting up to 20 and giving your age

Talking about pets Describing your bedroom Where you are and where you're going Giving opinions and reasons Saying what you like to do
Saying when your birthday is Describing yourself and others Evening routines Giving opinions Talking about your timetable Saying what you can do
Talking about the classroom Talking about hair and eyes Telling the time Ordering drinks and snacks After school routines Saying what you're going to do
Saying what colour things are