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A Level French

Languages are great for a wide variety of careers especially those involving translation or communication with people from non-English speaking countries. This can include careers in tourism, government, politics, media, publishing, and journalism. You can also work in education, fashion or law!

The world is your oyster. Most degree courses would appreciate people who take a language (even if just at AS-Level).

There are many courses around the UK where you can study towards a Single Honours degree in French. The majority of these courses involve a year studying in France or another French-speaking country, which is a fantastic opportunity.

Also, there are many courses where you can take a language in addition to another subject such as Law or a second and sometimes even a third language such as Spanish and German.

A-level French at Hampton College tends to be in a small class with specialist French teachers. Students can expect a lot of support and expert teaching from their teachers as well as additional lessons with our Foreign Language Assistant who works at the school from October to May.